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FESS® Little Noses® Saline Nasal Drops and Spray

A young baby’s natural instinct is to breathe through their nose – even when it is blocked. This can make their life very frustrating, disrupting sleep, nursing and feeding. That’s why it’s so important to keep your baby’s nose clear.

FESS® Little Noses® is a gentle saline solution that loosens and thins mucus to help clear a blocked nose, so your baby can breathe easier, naturally. It’s non medicated so can be used as often as needed, from the day your baby’s born.


How does FESS® Little Noses® work?

FESS® Little Noses® works by loosening and thinning nasal mucus and moisturising dry nasal passages. This helps to clear stuffy noses, allowing your baby to breathe easier. As babies insist on breathing through their nose, a clear nose is essential prior to feeding and sleeping.

FESS® Little Noses® is available in a spray and drops

FESS® Little Noses® Drops convenient bottle is ideal for newborn babies allowing a gentle application of non-medicated saline into the littlest nose.

FESS® Little Noses® is also available in a convenient and easy to use spray. This product is available with and without a special FESS® Nasal Aspirator.

This aspirator is a rubber bulb syringe with a soft tip designed to gently suction the mucus (loosened by FESS® Little Noses® Saline Solution) from your baby’s nose. Since babies cannot clear their noses as we do, the suctioning effect of the aspirator has the same effect as blowing to clear mucus congestion. Using the nasal aspirator to remove mucus will help avoid the harshness of tissues.

FESS® Little Noses® can be used as often as necessary and is available from pharmacies nationwide. If your local pharmacy does not have FESS® Little Noses® on the shelf they can order it in for you by the next day.