Spring activities for you and your child

August 30th, 2013

Spring is a great time to get out and about in nature with your child. You may have spent much of the winter cooped up inside sheltering from the wind and rain, so now's the time to get outside and enjoy it.

The weather is warm but not too hot, so your baby is less likely to get cold, but do be aware that allergens and pollens may be in the air. If seasonal allergies flare up in your child, you can use baby saline solution to clear their nose.

Take your baby on an adventure to your local public gardens, where they can see beautiful flowers in bloom – perhaps for the first time! Be sure to take some snaps on your camera phone, as this kind of location offers endless picture perfect photo opportunities.

Other great spring activities include taking your child to a local pond where they can help you to feed the ducks, or going for a walk along a beach – maybe it'll be warm enough for you to dip your toes in!

Remember, if you're spending much time outside, always make sure both you are being sun smart as even in the spring those rays can do some damage.


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