Introducing your dog to your baby

August 30th, 2013

Do you already have your own baby in the form of a furry friend? If so, it's important to realise that when a real human baby comes along, this may cause a bit of a stir.

Luckily, there are ways to get around any shock this big life change may cause your beloved pet. Before your baby is born, you can start to alter your dog's routine to prepare them for the changes that will come. Gradually give them slightly less time and attention so that they're not stunned when you give them a little less attention when your new baby arrives.

When you bring your baby home, ensure that your dog has let out some energy beforehand so isn't bounding around like crazy. Have him on a leash with some treats nearby. Calmly let your dog see that the baby is there while also distracting him with the treats, so that his attention is divided and he's not overwhelmed.

Slowly introduce him more and more to your baby, letting the interaction go on slightly longer each time. Try to associate your baby with good things, such as petting him when your baby is around or giving him treats as this will help him make a connection with your child. Remember, never leave a small child alone with a dog, and keep in mind that any aggressive dogs are not suitable to have in a home with a child.

If having a pet in your home causes your baby some congestion from allergies, you can use baby saline solution to clear their nasal passage.


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